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We want to gather here some news, events, declarations, codes, coming from part of the indigenous world or related to it.

Manifiesto. An alert about American Indigenous Traditional Medicines (AITM)

AITMs represent a profound knowledge of the human being and communication and communion with Nature. Promoters of the Manifiesto: Manuel Almendro, Doctor of Psychology. Clinical psychologist. Director of Oxígeme; Jacques Mabit, Medical Doctor, President and Founder of Takiwasi Center; Eduardo Gastelumendi, Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

Huarochiri Declaration

International Indigenous-Christian Encounter-Dialogue, held in Huarochiri, Lima, Peru, in June 2015, with the participation of 40 representatives of ethnic and religious groups from Latin America. It has left encouraging results summarized in the Huarochiri Declaration

Ayahuasca Recognized Cultural Heritage of the Peruvian Nation

Declaration of Cultural Heritage of the Nation to the "Traditional knowledge and uses of Ayahuasca practiced by native Amazonian communities", July 2008. National Directorial Resolution No. 836 / INC. The application document submitted is part of the book "Ritual del Ayahuasca", Rosa Giove, 2016. Published by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, Regional Office of San Martín.

CISEI Declaration

The VIII Forum of the Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality (CISEI), "Rituality, healing and daily life" was held in the city of Tarapoto, Peru, on 28 November 2015, with representatives of civil society, indigenous communities and academics from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, the United States of America, France, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Venezuela and Uganda.

Toluca Declaration

II International Congress on Traditional Medicines and Public Health “Sacred Plants, Culture and Human Rights”. Toluca, State of Mexico, April 5, 2014.

Declaration and conclusions of the first meeting of traditional medicine promotes of San Martín

Promoters of traditional medicine and participants in the First Meeting of Promoters of Traditional Medicine of San Martín, organized by the Cultural Project of the Regional Government of San Martín. Lamas, December 3, 2011.

Final Declaration of the Second Continental Indigenous Summit

II Continental Summit of the Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala, July 25, 2004.

Conversation between the Onanya Shipibo-Conibo

A group of Onanya indigenous doctors from the Shipibo-Conibo-Shetebo ethnic groups met in the "Koriwayti" Botanic Garden, in the city of Yarinacocha, on March 2 and 3, 2004, in order to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Declaration of Yachac

Traditional doctors, followers and apprentices of the Quichua ethnic group from the Departments of Pastaza, Tena and Napo, gathered in the Ethnobotanical Park Omaere, in the city of Puyo (Ecuador), from January 17 to 19, 2002.

Declaration of Tarapoto. Traditional medicine and sacred plants

Diverse traditional doctors and participants from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and a representative from Gabon, Africa, have met at the Takiwasi Center in Tarapoto, Peru, from the 12th to 16th of November, 2001, for the “International Encounter of Master Healers who are Practitioners of Ayahuasca (yagé, nepe, caapi or natem) and Iboga”. The purpose of this encounter was to share the same spiritual dimension, which revolves around the wisdom of sacred and medicinal plants.

Machu Picchu Declaration on Democracy, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the War against Poverty

The Presidents of the Andean Community Member Countries, in the presence of the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay, the Prince of Asturias, and the Secretary General of the Andean Community, gathered for the assumption by Dr. Alejandro Toledo of the Presidency of Peru, Lima - Machu Picchu . July 28-29, 2001.

Declaration of the Taitas Meeting

In Yurayaco, Caquetá, Colombian Amazon piedmont, indigenous territory of the Ingano people, between June 1 and 8, 1999, the traditional indigenous doctors - taitas, synchis, curacas and peasants - met to perform the "Taitas Encounter".

Code of Medical Ethics

Union of Indigenous Yageceros Doctors of the Colombian Amazon - UMIYAC - 1999.

Code of Ethics of CUWISH (Council of Uwishin Shuar)

The Uwishin is a living book, a book of wisdom. A work through which the meaning of human being and his life becomes clear.

International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) Code of Ethics

Preamble, Purpose and Principles (‘the Principles’) of the ISE Code of Ethics were adopted by resolution of the Annual General Meeting of the ISE held at Whakatane, Aotearoa/New Zealand on Saturday 28 November 1998.

Letter From São Luis Do Maranhão

Representatives of indigenous peoples in multicultural Brazil where there are 220 peoples speaking 180 distinct languages and occupying 12% of Brazilian territory, met in São Luis do Maranhão between 4 and 6 December 2001, to discuss the theme "Indigenous Knowledge and Science and Industrial Property" at the invitation of the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI).

Letter from the 2nd Indigenous Conference on Ayahuasca

The second indigenous conference on Ayahuasca was held between August 10 and 14, 2018 in the Puyanawa village, municipality of Mâncio Lima, state of Acre. The event brought together 15 indigenous peoples of the region at the border between Brazil and Peru.

Declaration of Tarapoto - 2018, Road to IX FOSPA

Indigenous peoples, organizations, collectives and Amazonian social movements again mobilized in defense of the Amazon, the Indigenous Territories and the Life of the Planet.

Conversations between Doctors and Followers of Yagé: Self-Governance, Territory and Ancestral Knowledge

Text presented at the V Congress of the Latin American Association of Anthropology, XVI Congress of Anthropology in Colombia, Bogotá, 6-9 June 2017.

Declaration by the Indigenous peoples and nations of the amazon basin

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019, June 2.

Manifesto for Soul and Nature (MAN)

Document formulated by Antoine Fratini with the help of the members of the Natura & Psiche Association, and published in cultural magazine Rebelle(s) Nº21, july 2019.

Declaration of the Union of Yageceros Indigenous Doctors of the Colombian Amazon - UMIYAC

Statement of the spiritual authorities and organizations representing the Amazonian indigenous peoples. November 2019.

Speech by Santiago Manuín

Speech by Santiago Manuín upon receiving the “Ángel Escobar Jurado” National Human Rights Award, Lima, Peru, December 10, 2014.

Code of ethics of the men and women of wisdom of the ancestral-traditional medicine of the nationalities and peoples of Ecuador

Our way of thinking, feeling, knowing and doing medicine - National Directorate of Intercultural Health Quito-Ecuador, 2020.

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