Basic principles

  • Takiwasi is an open therapeutic community, i.e. the doors of the Center are always open, physically and symbolically. No patient is interned or held against their will. Those who decide to enter and stay have to respect the basic rules of operation outlined in the Treatment Commitment letter that must be signed on admission.
  • The use of allopathic medication is only restricted to urgent cases. Psychotropic medications are not used in any stage of the treatment.
  • The first three months there will be no contact with the relatives. The patient needs a time of isolation from all external contact for reflection and taking awareness. This corresponds to a stage of "weaning" both the family nucleus and the drug. However, family members may contact the psychologist assigned according to a scheduled program.
  • Takiwasi does not turn to pressure, manipulation, coercion or violence (either psychological or physical) during the treatment. Reciprocally, a patient that would use any of these methods towards his companions or the Center personnel will incurr in immediate expulsion. Thus, the patient that enters the Center must be really motivated to heal. The fundamental criterion for admission will be the patient’s own level of motivation.
  • Human rights and the medical ethics code are respected, as well as religious freedom.
  • The therapeutic team includes doctors, psychologists, healers, educators, as well as empirical ethnobotanists. It is common tradition at the Center that all therapists go through a process of initiation and self-experimentation with traditional Amazonian medicine, thus ensuring a good empathic relationship and accompaniment toward the resident patients.
  • Food is part of the treatment. The traditional use of plants always requires a diet, that is, being in abstinence from certain foods and substances, as well as avoiding at all time sexual contact and / or masturbation. The diet is controlled, avoiding fried foods, condiments, coffee, sugar, excessive milky products, etc. Also, smoking is not allowed during the treatment.

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