Basic principles

  • Takiwasi is an open therapeutic community, that is, the doors of the Center are always open. No patient is ever held if they do not want to be there. Those who decide to enter and stay are in duty to respect the basic operating rules set out in the Internment Commitment to be signed upon entry, which represents the acceptance of the conditions of addiction treatment.
  • In Takiwasi no means of pressure or violence to continue treatment are used. This means that the patient who enters our Center must be really motivated to cure their addiction.
  • Human rights are respected, as well as freedom of religious worship. No patient is admitted or held against their will.
  • The first three months there will be no contact with the relatives. The patient needs a time of isolation of all external contact for reflection and awareness of his past acts. It corresponds to a stage of "weeding" of both the family nucleus and the substances abused. However, family members will be able to make contact with the assigned psychologist on a schedule.
  • The therapeutic team consists of doctors, psychologists, healers, educators, as well as ethnobotanists. It is tradition in the Center that all therapists go through a process of initiation and self-experimentation with traditional Amazonian medicine, as this ensures a good empathetic and accompanying relationship in the patient process.
  • Therapeutic activities are always directed by professionals. Patients are not ranked by seniority. No patient is responsible for the care of another or for directing therapeutic activities.
  • Food is part of the treatment. Traditional use of plants always requires a specific diet, i.e. abstaining from certain foods and substances, as well as sexual contact and masturbation. The diet is controlled, avoiding frying, seasonings, coffee, sugar, excess dairy products, etc. In addition, cigarettes are not allowed during treatment.
  • The use of allopathic medicinal products is restricted only to emergencies.
  • In all stages of treatment, the spiritual dimension is considered an aspect of great importance for a comprehensive healing and change of life. It aims to become aware of and consider respect for nature, life, and the sacred, which are dimensions often forgotten in the wandering path of drug addiction.
  • In Takiwasi Catholic religious practices are offered, such as the celebration of mass and others. Patients can participate voluntarily. Other religious or spiritual manifestations are respected as well, and spaces for their proper practice will be sought.
  • The daily tasks in the different areas, such as bakery, kitchen, house cleaning, gardening, etc., constitutes part of the treatment and a form of personal retribution of the patient towards the institution.

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