Participation in International Meetings

To ensure an adequate dissemination of results and findings, Takiwasi presents his research and clinical experience at conferences in the field of health, participates in media outlets for scientific outreach and in international scientific forums.

Presentation: “Integration of traditional Amazonian medicine and psychotherapy in the approach to patients with substance abuse disorders at the Takiwasi center"

I International Symposium on Mental Health and Interculturality, College of Psychologists of Puno, Puno, October 9-12, 2023. Speaker: Tito Flores.

Presentation: “The training of the psychologist under an intercultural and transdisciplinary methodological proposal"

I International Symposium on Mental Health and Interculturality, College of Psychologists of Puno, Puno, October 9-12, 2023. Speaker: Uriel López Legaria.

Lecture: “Some conceptual breaking points in the dialogue between traditional medicines and Western medicine”

One Health and Traditional Medicine (OHTM). 1st International Conference on Traditional Medicines, Cheikh Anta-Diop University, Dakar, Senegal, 18-20 October 2023. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Dieta as a therapeutic route: a study on the ethnic roots and biotrade practices of plants used for diet at the Takiwasi Center”

30th Congress of the Italo-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine – SILAE, October 16-20, 2023, Lima, Peru. Speaker: Laura Monteagudo.

Lecture: "Use of ayahuasca in the treatment of addictions"

Meeting "Beyond traditional therapy: Ayahuasca and medicinal plants in mental health", Cedro, Lima, Peru, September 6, 2023. Speaker: Jaime Torres.

Seminar: "Experience in therapeutic work with Ayahuasca"

BeBalanced Center, Prague, Czech Republic, August 15-16, 2022. Speaker: Veronika Kavenská.

Lecture: "Research at the Takiwasi Center between mental health and traditional Amazonian medicine"

Psychotherapeutic Frontiers congress, Turin, Italy, June 11, 2022. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "The formative role of the Takiwasi Center in its therapeutic model for approaching drug addiction: an innovative and effective design”

Psychotherapeutic Frontiers congress, Turin, Italy, June 11, 2022. Speaker: Uriel Lopez Legaria.

Conference: “Ecological Health: humans, plants, and the environment”

UNESCO Chair of Salerno - Plants for health in the Mediterranean Tradition, on-line event, May 3 2022. Participant: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: “Preliminary results from the Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project (ATOP): Takiwasi Center, Peru”

From Research to Reality: Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine, Toronto, Canada, May 27, 2022. Speaker: Brian Rush.

Lecture: “Exploring experiences and perceptions around purging during Ayahuasca rituals: a qualitative study at a drug rehabilitation center in Peru”

From Research to Reality: Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine, Toronto, Canada, May 28, 2022. Speaker: Svet Lustig Vijay.

Meeting: “Experiences in communication on medicinal plants”

WikiAcción Peru, Online, April 29, 2022. Participant: Martín Huamán.

Lecture: "Ayahuasca and Mental Health"

1st Pan American Congress of Medicinal Plants and Integrative Health: Intersection with Traditional and Complementary Medicine, online event, April 4-7, 2022. Speaker: Veronika Kavenská.

Lecture: “Traditional Amazonian medicine and psychedelic assisted-therapy; implications for mental health”

13th symposium of the Swiss Ethnobiology Network, Natur-Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland, march 26, 2022. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Presentation: "Implementation of the Nagoya protocol on access and benefit sharing in Peru: Implications for researchers"

International Scientific Meeting of Summer, Lima, Peru, January 4, 2022. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: “Evaluation of the efficacy of the treatment model of the therapeutic community Takiwasi”

XVII Latin American Conference of Therapeutic Communities, Lima, November 18, 2021. Speaker: Fabio Friso.

Lecture: "The therapeutic group as a tool to restore and heal ties"

XVII Latin American Conference of Therapeutic Communities, Lima November 18, 2021. Speaker: Uriel López Legaria.

Lecture: "The phenomenon of addiction and its therapeutic approach in the therapeutic community Takiwasi"

XVII Latin American Conference of Therapeutic Communities, Lima November 18, 2021. Speaker: María Virginia Erazo.

Presentation: “Management and use of non-timber forest products”

I Ecoforum: Management of concessions for non-timber purposes, ecosystem services and scientific research on biodiversity, Juan Santos National Intercultural University of the Central Jungle, online, November 6, 2021. Speaker : Deayana Montenegro.

Lecture: “The singing house: an example of deep integration between Western scientific medicine and animist ontologies”

Third National Conference of the Italian Society of Cultural Anthropology - SIAC, Rome, Italy, September 24, 2021. Speaker: Alberto Dubbini.

Lecture: "Caring for the environment and sustainable use of the country's natural resources within the framework of the development of the phytopharmaceutical industry"

Conference on Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants, National Center for Intercultural Health of Peru, August 18, 2021, online. Speaker: Fernando Mendive.

Lecture: "Building a bridge between Modern Medicine and Traditional Amazonian Medicine"

I National Symposium: Botanical Gardens and their Importance for Health and Food in the XXI Century, National Institute of Health of Peru, August 31, 2021, online. Speaker: Fernando Mendive.

Lecture "Ayahuasca: between scientific research and traditional use"

II World Summit of Traditional and Complementary Medicine towards an Integrative Medicine, Lima, Peru, July 9, 2021. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "Biodiversity, traditional Amazonian medicine and benefit-sharing"

Coloquio Amazonia Unida, April 1, 2021. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "Amazonian master plants in containment mode as a support vehicle in therapeutic processes"

Coloquio Amazonia Unida, April 1, 2021. Speaker: Uriel López Legaria.

Lecture: “Personal experience with the Amazonian Medicinal Plant Diet”

The Mind of Plants Symposium, April 8, 2021. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "Takiwasi: Traditional Amazonian Medicine and mental health"

IV International Congress of Integrative Medicine, Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy and Biotherapy and APMI, from April 12 to 17, 2021, online. Speaker: Rosa Giove.

Lecture: "The proactive dialogue between Western and Indigenous World in the face of drug use as a consequence of the existential vacuum and neoliberal neglect"

Symposium "The narcotization of the world: health-disease processes as a moral defense between consumers and addicts to enervating and analgesic substances", VI Congress of the Latin American Anthropology Association, Montevideo, Uruguay, November 24, 2020. Speaker: Uriel López Legaria.

Lecture: "Promoting the formalization of value chains of medicinal plants of the Amazonian biodiversity"

Binational Exchange Forum Peru - Honduras “Forest Management and Climate Change”, Sustainable and Inclusive Economy session, November 12-13, 2020. Speaker: Fernando Mendive.

Conference "Mystical drunkenness or the reunion with the roots of the West"

II Symposium Dialogue between Medicines, GASS Association, Barcelona, Spain, 26 September 2020. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference "Environment and Health for a new natural balance"

Mosaica Festival, Lido di Camaiore, Italy, July 24 2020. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "Ayahuasca: political, legal and health concerns"

Auditorium of the Takiwasi Center, November 13, 2019. Speaker: Manuel Almendro, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. in Psychology.

Class: “Medical Therapeutics and Spiritual Healing: Shamanism and Christianity”

Seminar “Freedom Released, spiritual implications in processes of help and healing”. Transpersonal Humanist Institute, Chile, November 16, 2019. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Peru's Biocultural diversity and the case of ayahuasca in the management of addiction”

Annual UCL Spices and Medicine Autumn Symposium, UCL School of Pharmacy, London, 9 October 2019. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

The Voice of Intelligence in the Ayahuasca session

Workshop "Local Knowledge and Traditional Medicine", VI International Book Fair of Cusco, 4 september 2019. Participant: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Research initiatives at Takiwasi Center on drug addiction, mental health and traditional Amazonian medicine”

XXVIII Italo-Latin American Congress of Ethnomedicine, La Habana, Cuba, September 20, 2019. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Poster presentation: “Peruvian herbal medicines in the context of Nagoya Protocol; challenges and opportunities”

XXVIII Italo-Latin American Congress of Ethnomedicine, La Habana, Cuba, September 18, 2019. Speaker: Fabio Friso.

Lecture: “Ayahuasca and beyond: herbal traditional Amazonian medicine for human therapy and planetary health”

III World Ayahuasca Conference, Girona, Spain, June 1, 2019. Speaker: Matteo Politi.

Lecture: "Aesthetic Psychopathology, from art to clinic, from clinic to art"

International Meeting of Psychoballet, Cuba, June 11 to 14, 2019. Speaker: Hugo Fernández.

Lecture: “The role of icaros as therapeutic tools in psycho-emotional healing: A study of musical experiences of traditional Amazonian medicine”

One-Day Conference, Music Therapy Charity, University of Roehampton, London, May 3rd 2019. Speaker: Maya Sherwin.

Workshop: “Ayahuasca, a Vision from Traditional Amazonian Medicine”

III World Ayahuasca Conference, Girona, Spain, May 30, 2019. Facilitator: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Synergisms between catholic religion and indigenous spirituality within the drug addiction rehabilitation program of Takiwasi, a therapeutic community in the Peruvian High-Amazon”

Ninth International Conference on Religion & Spirituality in Society, 25 April 2019, University of Granada, Spain. Speaker: Alberto Dubbini.

Traditional Amazonian medicine: an herbal knowledge in constant evolution

Conference by Matteo Politi, scientific director of the Takiwasi Center, organized by the Amici di Georgofili Association, held at the Museum of Natural History - University of Pisa, Italy, on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

Lecture: "The symbolism of the snake"

Auditorium of the Takiwasi Center, October 30, 2018. Speaker: Jean-François Froger, theologian and specialist in spiritual and religious matters.

Lecture: "Traditional Amazonian medicine and its contemporary application in mental health"

International Multidisciplinary Congress of Medicinal Plants, Cochabamba, Bolivia, September 1-5, 2018. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Presentation: "Takiwasi, an experience with traditional medicine in the Peruvian Jungle"

Congress of Traditional Medicine, Cutervo, Cajamarca, Peru, September 20-21, 2018. Speaker: Elizabeth García.

Lecture: "Challenges of discernment between the psychic shadow and the spiritual shadow"

Cycle of conferences IDÉE PSY 2018 "From shamanism to psychotherapy: to the roots of care", June 6, 2018, Paris, France. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "The cruzadera: negative interferences according to the concept of traditional medicine"

Beyond Psychedelics Congress, 21-24 June 2018, Prague, Czech Republic. Speaker: Fabienne Bâcle.

Lecture: "Addiction treatment in the Takiwasi Center"

Odborne Konference, June 22, 2018, Brno, Czech Republic. Speaker: Veronika Kavenská.

Presentation: "Takiwasi: Therapeutic integration of the work with ayahuasca and master plants, a vision from Gestalt therapy"

2nd National and International Gestalt Therapy Congress of the Gestalt Center of Peru, May 4, 5 and 6, 2018, Lima, Peru. Speaker: Hugo Fernández.

Lecture: “The spiritual dimension in the work with sacred plants: a look through the eyes of a Western psychotherapist”

International Conference Sacred Plants in the Americas, February 23 to 25, 2018, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. Speaker: Veronika Kavenská.

Lecture "Contributions of Takiwasi in 25 years of research and treatment of addictions integrating Amazonian Traditional Medicine and psychotherapy"

XVI Latin American Conference of Therapeutic Communities, 07-09 December 2017, Campinas, Brazil. Speaker: Hugo Fernández.

Lecture “Ayahuasca use in the new-age context”

International Transpersonal Conference. 28/9 – 1/10/2017, Prague, Czech Republic. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Panel discussion: “Risks and Shadows of Shamanim in The Western World” and “Global Mental Health Development: Current Systems and New Trends”

International Transpersonal Conference, 28-29 September 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. Participant: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Poster “Ethnopharmaceutical Fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon and Phytochemical Analysis of Traditional Recipes. New Insights From Local Herbal Medicinal Knowledge”

XXVI Italo-Latin American Congress of Ethnomedicine SILAE 2017 and IX Colombian Congress of Chromatography, Cartagena de Indias 25-29 September 2017. Researchers: Tresca, Garay, Politi.

Poster “HPLC-UV/DAD Profiles, Phenolic Content, and Free Radical Scavenging Capacity of Commercial Amazonian Herbal Medicinal Products”

XXVI Italo-Latin American Congress of Ethnomedicine SILAE 2017 and IX Colombian Congress of Chromatography, Cartagena de Indias 25-29 September 2017. Researchers: Soffiato, Garay, Quinteros, Mendive, Politi.

Lecture: "Symbology of marijuana and its clinical consequences"

First International Day of Phytomedicine of Uruguay, “Medicinal Marijuana, Uses and Counter-Indications”, 2/9/2017, Montevideo, Uruguay. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Economic evaluation of Ayahuasca treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) patients in a Peruvian Centre”

ISPOR 6th Latina American Conference. 15-17 September 2017, Sao Paolo, Brazil. Speaker: Triulzi, Politi, Mendive, Palla, Turchetti.

Lecture "Traditional Amazonian Medicine and its Potential for the Treatment of Addictions"

I Seminar/Workshop on “Science, Mental health & Spiritality”, Transpersonal Association of Perú, from 25 to 28 de May 2017, Lima – Perú. Speaker: Veronika Kavenská.

Presentation “Research and Sustainable Development of herbal products of Traditional Amazonian Medicine. Challenges and Opportunities”

Researcher Meeting VIII Foro Social PanAmazonico. 26 to 27 April, Tarapoto – Perú. Speaker: Joe Reategui, Matteo Politi.

Presentation “Project Plus: Project of management, registration and systematization of Clinical Information of Takiwasi”

Researcher Meeting VIII Foro Social PanAmazonico. 26 to 27 April, Tarapoto – Perú. Speaker: Elizabeth Garcia, Jaime Torres.

Conference “Adding rainforest remedies to addiction treatment: Patient characteristics at a pioneering substance use disorder treatment center"

XXII World Congress of the World Association for Social Psychiatry (WASP2016). 30 November - 4 December 2016, New Delhi, India. Speaker: Ilana Berlowitz.

Conference: “Economic impact of drug addiction interventions in adult population: the Peru case”

ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress. 29 October - 2 November2016, Vienna, Austria. Speaker: Triulzi, Politi, Mendive, Palla, Turchetti.

Lecture: “Coca and Ayahuasca, same destiny?”

II World Ayahuasca Conference, ICEERS Foundation, Rio Branco, Brazil, 21-10-2016. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “The process of recognition of the ritual of Ayahuasca as cultural heritage of Peru”

II World Ayahuasca Conference, ICEERS Foundation, Rio Branco, Brazil, 17-22 October 2016. Speaker: Dra. Rosa Giove.

Conference “Takiwasi: Addiction treatment in the Singing House”

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research. 3 - 5 June 2016, Amsterdam. Speaker: David O’Shaugnessy.

Conference “Traditional Andean-Amazonian medicines and results in the treatment of addictions”

First Congress on “First Nations” of the Medical College of Chile, Concepción, Chile, 24-25 June 2016, Chile. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture “Contribution of traditional Amazonian medicines to the treatment of addictions: the example of the Takiwasi Center in Peru”

In “Drug addiction, spirituality and the quest for meaning”, Research and intervention on psychoactive substances, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canadá, 28-9-2015. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Presentation: “El modelo de tratamiento de Takiwasi y la experiencia de un paciente en su internamiento en Takiwasi”

EnCura, encontro de curadores e terapeutas do Santo Daime/Ayahuasca, Aracati, Brasil, 13-14-15 March 2015. Speaker: David Londoño Valderrama.

Presentation: “Conceptions and treatment of substance-use disorders, according to traditional Amazonian medicine”

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine, August 03-05, 2015 Birmingham, UK, Speaker: Ilana Berlowitz.

Keynote lecture: “Medicinas amazónicas y tratamiento de las adicciones: visión del Centro Takiwasi”

Conversatorio del Observatorio de las Drogas, Eje cafetero, University of Pereira, Colombia, 18-9-2015. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Intervention in the panel discussion “Ayahuasca and Personal Development”

First World Ayahuasca Conference, Ibiza, Spain, 25-27 September 2014. Speaker: Danae Saenz.

Workshop on “Alternativas en el Tratamiento de Adicciones”

with Piero Coppo (President of the Organization for Interdisciplinary Development in Health) and honorary vice-president of the Italian Society of Medical Anthropology (SIAM), and participants, Usigliano Di Lari, Pontedera-Casciana, Italy, June 2014. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Ayahuasca and Amazonian Traditional Medicines in the Treatment of Addictions”

LH Forum San Patrignano, Rimini, Italy, June 2014. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "The sorcerer, the madman and grace: are archetypes desacralized spirits? Reflection from Amazonian shamanism”

Colloquium “Dangers and need of individuation”, Brussels, Belgium, June 2014. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Ayahuasca and Amazonian Traditional Medicines in the Treatment of Addictions”

International NGO Summit on the Prevention of Drugs, Tobacco & Alcohol Abuse, Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 3-6 February 2014. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Function of the ritual in induced therapeutic altered states of consciousness, based in Takiwasi use of traditional Amazon medicines”

(Význam rituálu v terapeuticky navozených změněných stavech vědomí - na základě zkušeností z terapeutického centra Takiwasi v Amazonii), Czech Jungian Psychoanalytic Society, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-9-2013. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Central conference: “The twenty years of Takiwasi: Reflections on the spiritual dimension as a link between drug addiction and traditional Amazon medicines”

Maps Psychedelic Science Conference, Ayahuasca Track, Oakland (Ca), United States, 21-04-2013. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Una Actualización sobre la Farmacología de la Ayahuasca para No-Expertos”

Third National and International Day on Shamanism and Extended States of Consciousness. 30 November - 1 December 2012. Rosario. Argentina. Speaker: PhD Fernando Mendive.

Presentation: “El Trabajo de Rescate y Revalorización de Saberes del Centro Takiwasi. Experiencias Exitosas para la Protección de Conocimientos Tradicionales. Taller regional sobre “Sistemas de Protección de los Conocimientos Tradicionales y Recursos Gené

Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual, INDECOPI y Comisión Nacional contra la Biopirateria. 7 and 8 June 2012. Lima-Perú. Speaker: PhD Fernando Mendive.

Conference "From hurricane to light breeze"

In "Series: Cries and Whispers of the Soul", SavoirPsy, 2 de mayo 2012, Paris, France. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "Amazonian medicine in the liberation process"

Clinical Convergences of Psychotherapy and Exorcist Practice in Liberation Processes, Ars, France, 16-18 September 2011. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “La dependencia como resultado de una auto-iniciación fallida”

en Sesión I “Dependência: os centros de tratamento, sua visao e abordagem di problema” in Encontro “Ayahuasca e o Tratamento da Dependência”, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2011. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Ayahuasca: a return to the past or a leap to the future”

Diploma in Training of Trainers in Intercultural Health, Aidesep-UNMSM, Iquitos, Peru, March 2011. Professor: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Sinchi, sinchi negrito: uso tradicional del tabaco en la Alta Amazonía peruana”

organized by the association GASS, Barcelona, Spain, October 2010. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "Psychotropic plants: gateway from the sensitive world to the invisible realities"

International Studie Conference on "Contemporary practices of psychotropic plants", Institute of Ethnology of the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, 28-29 October 2010. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Workshop-Conference «From inner ecology to the environment, from nature to our nature: words of the Amazonian healers»

Tetra Association, Bruxelles, May 2010, Belgium. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "Teachings of Ignacio, master-perfumero: traditional Amazonian medicines in the odor of sanctity"

Lyon Congress 2010 of the La Maison Qui Chante Association, "Perfume: from enchantment to healing", May 2010, Lyon, France. Speaker. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "The spirituality of the indigenous peoples of America: ancestral wisdom, healing and spirit of the air"

V Forum of the CISEI (Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality), Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, April 8-10, 2010. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

International Healers Conference on Traditional Medicine and Sustainable Healthcare

Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Bangalore, India, 7-20 November 2009. Participant: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Therapeutic use of Amazonian Ayahuasca"

"Days of dialogues between medicines: treatment of addictions with traditional medicines", organized by the GASS Association, Department of Health, Government of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, 31 October 2009. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Presentation: "Addictions: the erratic search for the meaning of life"

XXIV World Conference of Therapeutic Communities, An Alternative to Human and Social Development, Lima, Peru, February 6-10, 2009. Speaker: Jaime Torres.

Conference: "Transgenerational inheritance: from servitude to filiation"

IdéePsy, Forum 104, Paris, France, 6-02-2008. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Don Ignacio and the Spirits of Water”

Fifth International Forum on the Spirituality of the Indigenous Peoples of America “Spirit of Water”, CISEI, November 24-29, 2007, Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Psychotherapy as a way of learning love?"

IdéesPsy, París, 4-10-2006, France. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: “Memory and consciousness in traditional Amazonian psychotherapy”

XII National Congress of Psychology and II International Congress of Psychology, Lima, Perú, August 2005. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Keynote Lecrure: “Ayahuasca: Memory and Consciousness: New Applications of an Ancient Indigenous Practice”

Inaugural Conference for the 25th Anniversary of Social Anthropology of Consciousness, April 15, 2005, University of Massachusetts, USA, 15-04-2005. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Spirit of plants and animals: cradle of the birth of the individual"

IdéePsy, Paris, France, September 2003. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “El conocimiento empírico amazónico al servicio de un nuevo enfoque de las toxicomanías”

at the International Conference: "Drugs: New perspectives and approaches", DEVIDA - National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs, Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Lima, Perú, 6 September 2002. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "Archives and somatic memories of the soul"

Idées-Psy Center, Paris, France, September 2002. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Ritualized Use of Amazonian Psychoactive Plants in the Treatment of Addictions: 7 years of Experience at Takiwasi Centre”

International Congress of the International Society of Medicine of Addictions (ISAM), “Addictions 200+1 ; Challenges and Opportunities for a New Millennium”, Tel-Aviv, Israel, September 2001. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Lecture: "Amazonian initiatory medicines: access to the Self through the body or the incarnation of the Spirit"

Savoir Psy Center, Paris, France, June 2001. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “Approaching death or learning to live"

NDE, phénomènes de conscience et approche de la mort, du point de vue des médecines traditionnelles relativement à la médecine occidentale, International Association for Near-Death States – France, Coloquio “El cuerpo médico frente a las NDE o EMI”, Paris, Francia, June 1999. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Colloquium on herbalism and ethnographic botany"

Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto-Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 1998. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Traditional Medicines of the World for the Recovery of Drug Addicts"

1st National Congress on Drug Use and Dependence, Peruvian Psychiatric Association, Lima, Peru, December 1997. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference, "Drugs versus initiatory visionary plants"

XI International Congress of Traditional Medicine, Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine A.C Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, October 1997. Speaker: Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Go and return: the ritual as a gate between the worlds"

International Seminar on Drug Use and Abuse, ‘Primer Encontro de Estudos Sobre Rituais Religiosos ou Sociais e Uso de Plantas Psicoactivas’, CETAD y UFBA, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, October 1995. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: "Drug-based counter-initiation versus shamanic initiation"

II International Congress for the Study of Modified States of Consciousness, Ethnocognition, Shamanism, Plants and Cultural Context, Lérida, Spain, October 1994. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

Conference: “The body as an instrument of shamanic initiation in the Peruvian High-Amazon”

II International Congress of Traditional Medicines, Medical Anthropology Section, Chapter Lima, Perú, July 1988. Speaker: Dr. Jacques Mabit.

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