20 January 2021

UNCTAD updates principles to promote biodiversity-friendly trade

The laboratory for natural products of Takiwasi and an indigenous producers’ organization Ampik Sacha implemented a business model based on traditional knowledge associated with medicinal plants in the region of San Martín, benefiting both people and nature. This scheme, which is in line with principles on fair and equitable benefit-sharing, improves the indigenous population’s living conditions, preserves old traditions and promotes the sustainable use of forest resources.

01 December 2020

Interview with the master healer Ignacio Pérez

The master healer Ignacio Pérez Ortiz was a central pillar of Takiwasi for 15 years until his death in 2009. Ignacio learned the art of healing from his uncle at the age of 22 and later specialized as a master perfumero. In his practice, he invoked the help of the rivers of the Amazon region, as well as the spirits of mermaids, white boas and other invisible beings that inhabit the waters. Ignacio was a specialist in treating mental problems and dealing with agitated, confused, and lost people, using instruments such as perfumes, camphor and tobacco.

30 November 2020

New NUWA herbal teas

Laboratorio Takiwasi is about to launch into the market the new NUWA infusions made with aromatic and medicinal plants grown by indigenous Awajún women of the Alto Mayo rainforest in the San Martín region of Peru.

20 November 2020

ALA2020 Congress - Symposium "The narcotization of the world"

Psychologist Uriel López will represent Takiwasi at the VI Congress of the Latin American Association of Anthropology that will be held online, November 23 to 28. Uriel will participate with an oral presentation entitled "The positive dialogue between the Western and the Indigenous World regarding drug use as a consequence of existential emptiness and neoliberal carelessness”.

28 October 2020

Ayahuasca Retreat and Dietas - Full Calendar 2021

We are happy to announce the dates of our Retreats/Diets for the year 2021. Follow the link for more information.