26 June 2024

Purging to cleanse: a qualitative study of Ayahuasca healing

New paper by Svet Lustig and Takiwasi's research team published in the academic journal Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs: “Purging to cleanse: a qualitative study of Ayahuasca healing at a drug treatment centre in Peru”.

12 June 2024

“Hands of Women” Meeting

In May 2024, Takiwasi welcomed a group of 12 indigenous women leaders from Ecuador, from different Amazonian ethnic groups: Siona, Waorani, Cofán, Siekopai, and from the Cayambi community in the Ecuadorian highlands. They participated in an intense 10-day program, with plants intake and various rituals and workshops. It has been a very meaningful work, of support, collaboration and, above all, of reconnection with their roots, spirituality and territory.

17 May 2024

Training in the Takiwasi Therapeutic Model

Dear friends, we present to you the “Theoretical-Experiential Course of Introduction to the Takiwasi Therapeutic Model” that will be held at the Takiwasi Center from October 21 to November 3, 2024. This is our 4th edition of the training aimed at healthcare professionals, in which we combine a theoretical approach with a personal experience with the medicinal plants.

26 April 2024

Ayahuasca, relationality, and sustainability

New research article published in English in the academic journal Ecosystems and People: “Ayahuasca ceremonies, relationality, and inner-outer transformations to sustainability. Evidence from Takiwasi Center in Peru”.

05 October 2023

Dates of the Retreats/Diets 2024

Dear friends, we have published the complete dates of our retreats/diets for the year 2024.