03 March 2022

Symposium of the Swiss Ethnobiology Network

The 13th symposium of the Swiss Ethnobiology Network will take place at the Natur-Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland, on March 26, 10-17h. The meeting will also be broadcast online. Our scientific director Matteo Politi will be participating with the following lecture: “Traditional Amazonian medicine and psychedelic assisted-therapy; implications for mental health”.

19 January 2022

Fondation Vermont supports the studies of indigenous youth

Thanks to the support of the Fondation Vermont, starting in January of this year, 4 Awajún indigenous youth from the communities of Yutupis and Puerto Galilea, district of Río Santiago, department of Amazonas, receive a full scholarship to study in the Clase A Pre-University Group of Tarapoto and thus prepare to apply to university, with the aim of studying careers such as mathematics, law and nursing.

14 January 2022

Cultural and Pharmacological Relevance of the Emetic and Purging Properties of Ayahuasca

We analyze some of the main results of the review study carried out by researchers from the University of Chieti, Italy, and led by the scientific director of Takiwasi, Matteo Politi, that has set the aim of reviewing the cultural significance of the emetic and purging effects within the traditional and ceremonial use of ayahuasca, and the pharmacology of its main constituents for their potential application in gastro-intestinal health.

06 January 2022

Participate in a study involving ayahuasca

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in a study involving ayahuasca conducted by Serena DeLuca, Global Sustainability Science Master’s Student at Arizona State University.

05 January 2022

2022 Dates for the Traditional Master Plant Dieta

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce the dates of our Master Plant Dietas and Retreats for the year 2022. Follow the link below for more information.