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Foto Las Plantas nos Hablan

Peru seeks tribal cure for addiction

Published by BBC News, November 2003.

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Welcome to the Jungle

A look inside the Takiwasi Rehab Centre. Published in Dazed Digital, January 2010.

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Medicine Man

Published in Newsweek, 12 August 2002.

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Peru’s Takiwasi Center Uses Medicinal Plants to Treat Addiction

Published in Indian Country Today, April 2012.

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Combating Addiction with Ayahuasca

An article by Beth Salmon published in Bodhi Tree.

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Singing to the Plants

Steve Beyer’s blog on Ayahuasca and the Amazon. Published in January 2009.

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Takiwasi, House of healing - cover

Takiwasi, House of Healing

This documentary by Ricardo D’Aguiar shows the work of the Takiwasi Center.

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The Path of Plants

Louis and Aurélie, French filmmakers, have released a first trailer of their documentary about Takiwasi.

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Poison Plants or Remedy Plants?

A look at the treatment of addictions in Takiwasi with testimonies from patients and Dr. Jacques Mabit.

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Scientific articles

The Therapeutic Potentials of Ayahuasca: Possible Effects against Various Diseases of Civilization

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Efficacy of Drug Rehab Centers in Nicaragua, Peru, and the Czech Republic

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Short-Term Treatment Effects of a Substance Use Disorder Therapy Involving Traditional Amazonian Medicine

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The jaguar that roams the mind: An Amazonian plant spirit odyssey

Robert Tindall


Wild Foresting: Practicing Nature's Wisdom

Alan Drengson, Duncan Taylor


Ayahuasca, Ritual and Religion in Brazil

Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Edward MacRae


A Hallucinogenic Tea, Laced with Controversy: Ayahuasca in the Amazon and the United States

Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Roger Rumrrill


The Internationalization of Ayahuasca

Beatriz Caiuby Labate, Edward MacRae


The Eagle's Quest: A Physicist Finds the Scientific Truth at the Heart of the Shamanic World

Fred Alan Wolf


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