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The Takiwasi Center receives visitors from all over the world. It is preferable that visitors announce their visit in advance in order to avoid disturbing the scheduled activities with patients in treatment and also to ensure availability and good reception.

The Takiwasi Center offers access to:

  • Botanic Garden of Amazonian medicinal plants. The Takiwasi Center offers the chance of guided tours of the duration of 1 hour approx. of its botanic garden and facilities, with brief explanations on the Amazonian medicinal plants and their use in the Center. People should indicate at least one day in advance their interest in the guided tour, in order to schedule the activity with the person in charge of giving the tour. More information: Taki-Tour
  • Library with a special focus on traditional medicines.
  • Center Infrastructure: a park of 2 hectares that includes the house of the patients, a laboratory for the transformation of Amazonian medicinal plants, a meditation-yoga room, a chapel and multipurpose buildings based on the model of the communal indigenous houses or malocas.
  • Store: regional handicrafts, souvenirs, books, ikaros (healing songs), video documentaries, natural products (medicinal plants and Amazonian cosmetics) made by Takiwasi Laboratory
  • The botanical Reserve: 50 hectares of protected land located in the jungle, at 1 hour and a half of walk from the Center, with an observation point to watch the Cerro Escalera and butterflies. At half-way you can visit the biological reserve owned by the Urku Center, an institution dedicated to raising butterflies and to the rescue of specimens of Amazonian mammals.
  • Several visitors wish to experience a healing process with Amazonian medicinal plants in the framework of the protocol proposed by Takiwasi. For more information please visit Plants Intake.

People who simply want to visit the place and / or have an interview should contact in advance to book an appointment.

It is possible to receive groups of visitors with a specific program (for example talks and conferences) if there is prior agreement on the conditions of the visit.

For more information please contact us:
Phone +51 942023915
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am-1pm y 3pm-6pm, Saturday 8am-1pm

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