Participate in a study involving ayahuasca

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in a study involving ayahuasca conducted by Serena DeLuca, Global Sustainability Science Master’s Student at Arizona State University.

The aim of the study is to understand the role of ayahuasca ceremony in fostering better human-nature relationships, which can then assist in the global move toward a more sustainable society. The focus will be placed on the ceremony as it is practiced at Takiwasi.

• This is an invitation to participate in an anonymous 19 question survey (approximately 5 minutes in length; scale questions, 1 strongly disagree - 5 strongly agree).
• We are seeking individuals who have previously attended the Takiwasi Center and participated in ceremonies with ayahuasca during their stay.
• Survey participants can then choose to participate in an interview (conducted in English) where they will have the space to reflect on their experiences with ayahuasca and contribute to sustainability science research.
• Interviewees will then have the additional opportunity of meeting with other interview participants, through a focus group where they have the space to listen and to share their experiences with others, and to foster a community within that space.
• This study is being conducted in collaboration with Takiwasi for the completion of a Master's Thesis in Global Sustainability Science from Arizona State University.

How to participate
Click on the following link to start the survey:

Serena DeLuca, e-mail:
Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University