First forest management plan for Cat’s Claw

After several years of paperwork and legal procedures, this weekend the approval of the Cat’s Claw forest management plan will be officially announced to the native community of Chirik Sacha, which the Takiwasi Laboratory has been accompanying in this adventure since 2011.

For the Takiwasi Laboratory it is an arrival point after many years of work and investments dedicated to helping the Chirik Sacha community in the task of generating a new source of economic income through the responsible use of the Cat’s Claw trees (Uncaria tormentosa) and at the same time conserving its communal forest. Chirik Sacha is a Kichwa native community located in the District of San José de Sisa, province of El Dorado, department of San Martin.

We are very proud of this great achievement that opens a door, traces a path and reaffirms our total commitment to the jungle and the communities. Surprisingly, it is also a great achievement for the country as whole, as it is the first exploitation license of a non-timber forest medicinal resource in the San Martin region. A proof of the magnitude and relevance of this achievement, is that this work attracted both the Ministry of the Environment, through the National Forest Conservation Program, and the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), to invest public resources to support and make possible the initiative.

The presentation event, which will also have the purpose to start elaborating a plan for the articulation of the work of the partners involved, will take place at the Chirik Sacha community hall this Sunday, November 18 at 10:30 a.m.