Symposium "Sacred plants"

The French Society of Ethnopharmacology is organizing the Symposium "Sacred Plants” in Metz, France, on Saturday, September 8, 2018, an event in which will participate the researcher Anne Denys, who has been conducting her research with Takiwasi for several years.

In this beginning of the twenty-first century, every society in the world, whether considered as "traditional" or "modern", deploys systems of care interweaving medical knowledge and magico-religious rites. Numerous scientific researches proof that the use of sacred plants is universal and that it crosses times as shown by the current shamanic practices that mobilize nature to communicate with the spirit world, the ritual ingestions of hallucinatory mushrooms and the diets with ayahuasca in Latin America. In Europe, plants are also endowed with a symbolic or sacred value and used for healing, protection or to practice divination.

Which so-called sacred plants are used today? In which contexts? What are the current herbal remedies and remedies that use plants considered sacred? This is what the speakers of this conference will try to explain.

Speakers: Vincent Verroust (EHESS Paris), Pierre Champy (Paris-South University), Christian Labat (University of Lorraine), Anne Denys (School of Public Health, Nancy), Alessandro Stella (EHESS-CRH, Paris), Denise Lombardi (University of Lorraine).

Symposium "Sacred plants", Saturday, September 8, 2018 - Metz (France). All information and registration in the website:

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