The Path of Plants - A Journey to Healing

The Path of the Plants is a documentary series that demonstrates the complexity of the debates around the emblematic plants of indigenous peoples. Each story is embodied by a person or a group. At this moment, a first film about the Takiwasi Center entitled "A Journey to Healing” is being edited. We invite you to support the crowdfunding campaign!

This film is an immersion in the experience with plants lived from the point of view of patients, united by a feeling of solidarity facing a long and complex treatment. By showing the rituals that mark the healing process, the authors, Aurélie Marques and Louis Bidou, address the universal issues of transformation and the quest for being. How to deal with a traumatic past and leave behind the life history that marks us? How to identify the masks we have built and get rid of them? How to rededicate ourselves to a battered body and mind, and to rebuilding an identity. Anyone can be identified with the exercise of will of these patients.

To make this film independently, the film crew is asking for the support of private donors to complete the financing of the documentary, which until now has been entirely self-produced.

A crowdfunding campaign has been lunched through the Ulule platform from March 4 to May 5, 2019, with rewards for donors ranging from access to the streaming view of the film from only € 5 to the organization of a private screening and many other rewards based on plants (for 400 euros), including sending the DVD for 50 euros.

If the funding will be successful, the film will be released in 2020.

Synopsis of the film
On the edge of the Peruvian jungle, the Takiwasi Center is home to addict patients from all over the world. By combining psychotherapy and traditional Amazonian medicine, the treatment method is unique.

For nine months, patients move behind closed doors, learning to create a new social bond while being at the same time confronted with their own self. While the purgative plants detoxify the body and mind, visionary plants, such as ayahuasca, open the doors of the unconscious to allow the person to immerse themselves in the meanderings of memories and identity.

In an environment where everything is ritualized, the center becomes the theater of physical and psychic transformations.

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