Indications to write a motivation letter for the treatment

The work with plants in Takiwasi has a therapeutic objective. We ask you a detailed motivation letter in order to know you better and be able to evaluate your application.

We would appreciate if the letter is short (between 2 and 4 pages), and addresses the following:

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Treatment Costs

For inquiries about the treatment cost please write to or Payment is made in advance, without refund if the treatment is interrupted. This cost does not include consults and treatments for other medical specialties that could emerge during the treatment. An additional amount shall be foreseen for other expenses, such as mail, phone calls, cloths, etc. A familiar would be identified as economically responsible, and will sign a commitment with the administrator of the Center.

For people from abroad an average of $100 (dollars) should be considered every three months, to regularize their visa after the expiration of the first. These are costs that are not carried out by TAKIWASI. On admission to the country it is recommended to apply for a tourist visa for six months. Repatriation insurance shall be required to be admitted to treatment, to be hired by the resident in the country of origin.

Admission Criteria

Takiwasi has a particular admission process. All the solicitudes are evaluated and must be written by the ones interested in doing the treatment, whom shall directly contact Takiwasi sending a letter of treatment request consigning his personal and addictive story, addiction substances used, consumption time, treatment attempts, criminal history, past and present diseases, and their personal motivations for further treatment. They must also complete a medical questionnaire and sign the Treatment Commitment Letter

We are always attending admission solicitudes of both Peru and abroad. Fixing an admission date depends on vacancies and proper scheduling. The first three months there will be no direct contact with relatives and all contact with the outside world is avoided, to facilitate reflection and awareness. However, the family can be in contact with the therapeutic team to know the status of the patient.

Comenzar el proceso de admisión

The first requisite to start the treatment is that the patient asks for it.

Local patients should attend certain dates in the Center during a few days so that their motivation is explored and to get informed about the treatment, its modalities and the Center’s norms. If the patient lives far away from the Center, once he does the initial contact he receives indications by phone or email.

At his arrival, the patient will have a medical admission evaluation (medical record, physical exam and basic analysis) in order to know his physical health status and pathological background. This evaluation will be repeated automatically after one month of residency, and after six months or when it is considered necessary. He will also proceed to a basic psychological evaluation and psychiatric features will be examined. What you should bring to treatment