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To apply to the diet and determine if this therapeutic work is adjusted to your therapeutic needs, you must send us the following documents:

1. A Complete Health Form (you can find it attached).

2. A Motivation Letter (maximum 3 pages) that includes the following topics:

  • Life history: childhood, relationship with parents, siblings, grandparents, family history information. Indicate the main problems, traumas, difficulties you have encountered and the solutions you have tried.
  • Past and present affective life: whether you are in a couple or not, children.
  • Studies and professional life.
  • Emotional knots you think you've worked on and current blockages to work with.
  • Therapeutic record (previous therapies) and spiritual life.
  • The current motivations for participating in the Retreat/Diet in Takiwasi.

Accepting to participate in the Retreat/Diet

Takiwasi’s Medical Director, Dr. Jacques Mabit, will review your health form and motivation letter. After this you will be informed if your request has been accepted or denied. In some cases we can give recommendations or ask for further and specific information before the beginning of the diet.

Consumption of marijuana or other drugs should be suspended as it is incompatible with the intake of master plants and ayahuasca. This is part of the therapeutic contract. It is recommended to take advantage of the diet to try and stop smoking: in any case you will not be able to smoke during the retreat.

If after accepting to participate in the Retreat/Diet, you will incur in some kind of accident involving your psychosomatic health, for which you will receive treatment with allopathic or psychotherapeutic drugs, you must immediately notify us, so we can take that into account and give you our recommendations.