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We recommend you to arrive to Tarapoto two days before and leave two days after the dates indicated for the process.

Program of retreat/diet
Day Actividad
Days before Thursday Intake of laxative and psychological interview to be scheduled.
Thursday 3.30 pm - Ingestion of a vomitive-depurative plant.
Friday 8.30 am - Video Presentation and Conversation on the Diet.
7.00 pm - Ingestion of the plant Mucura.
9.00 pm - Session of ayahuasca, this can take place in the Takiwasi Center or in the Botanical Reserve of Takiwasi.
Saturday Start of the Retreat/Diet with ingestion of a master plant in the Botanical Reserve.
Friday Diet Cut.
Saturday Return to Tarapoto, Takiwasi.
icono video dieta

See introductory video (Spanish)

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