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January 11 January 20 Open
February 08 February 17 Open
April 05 April 14 Open
May 03 May 12 Open
June 07 June 16 Open
July 19 July 28 Open
August 23 September 01 Open
September 20 September 29 Open
October 18 October 27 Open
November 22 December 01 Open
2500 Nuevos Soles - (around $ 750 US dollars)

You can pay in foreign currency using the exchange rate of the day. We also accept credit card, with a minimum additional fee. This price includes:

  • Intake of purge and vomiting plant.
  • Participation in a session of ayahuasca.
  • A 7-days Retreat/Diet in the Botanical Reserve of Takiwasi, with the daily intake of a master plant, assigned according to the personal motivations expressed in the motivation letter and the interview with the psychologist.
  • 5 interviews with a psychologist who will be in charge of the psychotherapeutic accompaniment/counseling throughout the all process. The closing interview marks the end of the commitment assumed by Takiwasi.


The revenues coming from this and other activities allow us to generate resources that we use to fund the cost of treatment for drug addicts with limited economic resources. Takiwasi is officially registered as an NGO by the Peruvian Government. We receive very few funding supports and none from the Government, so we cannot give credit terms to the people participating in the Retreat/Diet.

Accommodation and food

In the days before and after the diet, the participants will arrange and pay their accommodation and meals. From the Saturday that marks the beginning of the diet until the following Friday when the diet cut is performed, accommodation and meals are provided by Takiwasi.

Takiwasi can recommend cheap accommodation in family homes, hotels and lodges near the Center.

* We recommend:
Los Huingos Lodge, 5 minutes walk from the Takiwasi Center

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