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About the Diet

The first thing to do in a diet is a purge session, which is before the retreat in the jungle.

The diet starts with a ayahuasca session. There are no ayahuasca sessions after the diet since it is necessary to process the material that has arisen and experience proves that it is useless.

The diet is followed by a post-diet process that is as important as the diet itself. It involves dietary rules and restrictions for a minimum of 2 weeks as well as one month of sexual abstinence after the end of the diet. This is the necessary time for the assimilation and integration of the energy of the plants incorporated during the diet. Undertaking the diet involves committing to those recommendations that are mandatory. Failing to follow them can lead to energetic complications with physical, mental or spiritual manifestations.

Each participant is followed individually by one of the psychologist or psychotherapist of the Takiwasi team with interviews upon arrival, during the diet and at the end of the process.

Important information for women

The energy charge of menstruating women is not compatible with the energies mobilized during an ayahuasca session, so if they are menstruating they will not be able to participate in the ayahuasca session that precedes the Retreat/Diet. Please take this into consideration when choosing the date in order to fully benefit from the experience in Takiwasi. No exceptions can be made. Nevertheless, the menstrual period does not affect the participation in the purgative plant intake and in the actual Retreat/Diet process.

Terms and Conditions

The diet is an important work that involves the inner self and gives a good result only if people accept the commitment to follow some simple rules. Failure to respect these rules can nullify the effect of plants but also result in energy crossings ("cruzadera") with serious physical, mental and spiritual consequences. It is a process that requires an assumption of responsibility.

What you can / cannot bring with you

During the Retreat/Diet it’s not possible to use any beauty or cleaning products (soap, perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, repellent, essential oils, etc.) since the slightest smell can seriously affect the energy work. This includes all the products that can have an odor like oils, nail polish, candles, incense, etc. At your disposal you will only have water and a special soap made for the occasion by the Takiwasi’s laboratory. Other items that you cannot bring with you are music equipment, radio, cellphone, watch, money or personal documents. Takiwasi is not responsible for loss or deterioration of valuables that you could take with you to the diet.

You can only bring with you cotton clothes, towel, coat, flashlight and spare batteries, 2 or 3 books and a notebook to write or draw. Extra food in addition to the one proposed by the Center is not allowed.

Rules to observe during the diet

  • Avoid sudden temperature changes (exposure to sun or rain).
  • Any contact with other participants in the diet is forbidden, you will only have contact with Takiwasi’s assistance personnel and the psychologists that will visit you.
  • Stay in your hut (tambo) or nearby. Avoid going for a walk in the jungle or toward river (you can get lost very easily).
  • Do not touch any wild animals or try to scare them.
  • Baths in the river should be briefs (plunging in the water 3 or 4 times). Another option is to shower with a pitcher of water. Always avoid getting cold.
  • Maintain a calm and peaceful rhythm, avoid intense activities (such as long meditation, physical exercises, compulsive prayer ...)

Post-Diet Process

  • During the first two weeks after the diet cut (end of the diet), you must avoid any sweet or sugary food or drink, including natural products (fruits, honey, etc.). This does not include carbohydrates or slow sugars (unsweetened bread, flour, noodles, cassava, etc.). You will be given a document stating the products that are prohibited, those tolerated but not recommended, and those recommended.
  • Avoid any frozen food and beverage.
  • For 15 days starting from the diet cut do not consume alcohol or drugs, do not eat pork meat and its derivatives, avoid any spicy food (especially chili).
  • Avoid any sexual intercourse, including masturbation, for one month after the end of the diet.
  • These are the indications to follow for a minimum post-diet period, but if you wish you can extend it for a longer time according to your convenience, this way the plants will continue working inside your body.
  • It is recommended to avoid performing any therapeutic intervention (except in case of emergency) during the post-diet process. This includes massages, dental cures or energy-related interventions.
  • It is recommended to avoid the intake of any psychoactive plant during the 3 months that follows the diet, this includes intakes of ayahuasca.
  • Our main work is aimed at the rehabilitation of addicted residence patients, so it is not possible to stay longer in Takiwasi before or after the diet for other services or cares.