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Retreat/Diet in Takiwasi

The Retreat/Diet (commonly referred to as "diet" in traditional medicine), is the deeper therapeutic practice of traditional Amazonian medicine, stronger and more effective than ayahuasca itself, and necessary when taking ayahuasca to reinforce its effect. It consists of a 7-day retreat in isolation, in a very simple hut ("tambo") in the jungle, within the Botanical Reserve of Takiwasi (one hour walk from the Center), with the ritualized ingestion of the so-called "master plants", accompanied by a special diet and strict physical and psychological norms.

This process is addressed to those people whose main problem is not an addiction problem. We remind that the main activity of Takiwasi Center is the treatment of people with addiction in a residential modality. Women should consider that unfortunately our Center can only receive male patients in a resident modality, due to the fact that Peruvian law prohibits the coexistence of men and women in the same Therapeutic Community. However, for women seeking treatment for addiction, we can eventually offer the Retreat/Diet as a possible step in your therapeutic process after evaluating your situation.

The issues addressed in the Retreat/Diet may include events and aspects of vital importance for each person, that are very intimate and strongly linked to blockages and traumas. In this practice, a special contact with nature and the inner self is created, and thus dedicated to a physical and energetic depuration that eliminates toxic food and other substances that block sensibility. This process allows to expand perception, re-connect with repressed emotions, cleanse and strengthen the body, and connect with the holy dimension. It favors dream production, remembrance of past situations and experiences that weren’t well-processed and deep introspection.

Under the supervision of doctors, healers and psychologists, participants must follow certain physical and psychological norms, and a special diet. The food is light, without salt, mainly rice and oats with boiled green bananas and without any seasoning.

Retreats/Diets are scheduled each month for resident patients of the Takiwasi Center, but we always have spots available for interested visitors, that have to go through an evaluation and the joint acceptance of the Medical Director and the therapeutic team.

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About the Diet

The first thing to do in a diet is a purge session, which is before the retreat in the jungle.

The diet starts with a ayahuasca session. There are no ayahuasca sessions after the diet since it is necessary to process the material that has arisen and experience proves that it is useless.

The diet is followed by a post-diet process that is as important as the diet itself. It involves dietary rules and restrictions for a minimum of 2 weeks as well as one month of sexual abstinence after the end of the diet. This is the necessary time for the assimilation and integration of the energy of the plants incorporated during the diet. Undertaking the diet involves committing to those recommendations that are mandatory. Failing to follow them can lead to energetic complications with physical, mental or spiritual manifestations.

Each participant is followed individually by one of the psychologist or psychotherapist of the Takiwasi team with interviews upon arrival, during the diet and at the end of the process.