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Fotografía del directorio del centro Takiwasi recibiendo la medalla cívica de la ciudad de Tarapoto

Takiwasi is awarded by DEVIDA and the Belgian Technical Cooperation

The Municipality of San Luis, the Rehabilitation Center of Naña and the Takiwasi Center were awarded today by DEVIDA and the Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB) for their good practices in prevention and treatment of drug abuse. This is the "I Call for Good Practices in the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse 2010".

The Executive President of DEVIDA, Romulo Pizarro, highlighted the activities and programs carried out by these institutions for the benefit of the Peruvian population. The chief of DEVIDA stated that we must go "towards a certification of good practices of prevention and treatment of drug abuse in order to standardize these services whenever these painful cases have been recorded in our country."

In terms of drug prevention, the Municipality of San Luis was recognized for its Municipal Drug and Gangs Prevention Program and the Takiwasi Center (which operates in Tarapoto) for its psychosocial risk prevention and Skills for Life promotion program in coordination the educational institution "Santa Rosa".

In the treatment of addictions category, the Center of Rehabilitation of Ñana was awarded for its program of treatment and rehabilitation of addictions. In the same category, the Takiwasi Center was also distinguished for its program on addiction treatment and research in traditional medicines.

At the end of 2007, DEVIDA and the CTB signed a specific agreement to strengthen the national capacity for drug prevention and treatment. Since then, various strategies and actions have been promoted.

As part of these actions, the “1st National Call for Good Practices in the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Abuse” was held in 2009, with the objective of “identifying and disseminating programs and projects carried out by various institutions that aim for an improvement of the intervention strategies in drug prevention and addiction treatment that are currently developed in the country”.

The qualifying jury was conformed by: Leopoldo Caravedo, Psychoanalyst of the Center of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Lima; Edgard Bellido, Mental Health specialist at the Ministry of Health; Tatiana Dalence, Regional Director of the Project "Support to the Andean Community in the Area of Synthetic Drugs - DROSICAN", and Maria Edith Baca, representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Article taken from the DEVIDA website. Posted on Sunday, April 13, 2010.
Article taken from the DEVIDA website