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Fotografía del directorio del centro Takiwasi recibiendo la medalla cívica de la ciudad de Tarapoto

Takiwasi was recognized by the Provincial Municipality of San Martin for its rehabilitation and research work

The Takiwasi Center has been awarded with the civic medal of the City of Tarapoto that has been given to its representatives by the Mayor on September 5, 2009 during the city council meeting.

Its founder, the Franco-Peruvian doctor Dr. Jacques Mabit, the doctor and researcher and co-founder Dr. Rosa Giove, and the psychologist Jaime Torres, director of Takiwasi, received the prize accompanied by a certificate that recognizes the work on research on alternative medicines and the service provided to society.

Created fifteen years ago, the Takiwasi Center has treated about 900 drug-dependent patients with a greater success rate than the centers using conventional techniques. The originality of Takiwasi is to associate the use of psychotherapy and modern medicine with the resources and knowledge of traditional Amazonian medicines. This protocol unique in Peru and Latin America has made this Center famous beyond the borders of the continent. It is estimated that an average of a thousand visitors arrive in Tarapoto each year attracted by the chance to visit the Takiwasi Center and its original therapeutic methods, which brings direct economic benefits to the city, according to the Mayor.

Dr. Jacques Mabit, showing gratitude for the gesture of the Municipality, pointed out that the Center so far has not received any economical help from the Municipality or the Peruvian State and yet offers payment facilities to patients with low incomes that show a serious motivation to heal. Although preference is given to local patients, up to 20% of drug-dependent patients come from outside the country and even from Europe.

On this anniversary date, we wish for a long life to this institution that aims to revalue indigenous ancestral wisdom and discover new methods of healing based on the extraordinary biodiversity of our Amazon Forest and the millennial experience of indigenous healers.