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About the plants used in the diet

They are mainly the so-called "master plants". The choice of the plant you are going to ingest is made by the therapeutic team, taking into account the patient's psycho-physical information and the characteristics of the plants, which sometimes have a very precise indication.

The content of dreams and visions in the diet, because of their teaching quality, do not only have an individual nature but also, sometimes, a general one. For example, some people understand what to do to improve their daily lives, and some people receive instructions on how to cure certain diseases, either for themselves or for others, to the extent that many healers (shamans) were initiated in the course of a diet, while they were healing themselves.

Below we present the most outstanding similarities found in different individuals with the intake of some of these master plants, in Takiwasi’s diets.

AJO SACHA (aqueous extract of the root)
Physical effects: Physical discomfort, generalized pain and heat.
Psychic Effects: Strengthening of the body and the will.
Self-affirmation. Discernment. Dreams of struggle and reflection on past behavior.
Teaching: Enhancing self-esteem and decision-making capacity.
Traditional Use: Macerated in brandy or ointment. To treat rheumatism and improve immune defenses.

Physical effects General heat, increased libido.
Widespread musculoskeletal pain, headache (but no dizziness).
Improvement of rheumatic problems.
Psychic Effects: Dreams with erotic content, affirmation of manhood. Feeling of fortifying will and rediscovering the meaning of life, knowing how to handle it. Self-affirmation, psychic safety and strength. Rooting. It is striking the fact of frequent dreams of driving powerful vehicles, sometimes with security and other times warning inadequacy.
Teaching: Assessment of independence and increase of self-confidence, of the self-strength. Masculinity.
Traditional Use: (Bark macerated in brandy, decoction) For rheumatism, erectile dysfunction, frigidity.

BUBINZANA (root decoction)
Physical effects: Musculoskeletal pain, dizziness, being diffuse.
Psychic Effects: Calms, causes reflections, smooth feelings. Capacity to be flexible.
Teaching: Rooting, affective communication, openness of heart.
Traditional Use: Used by healers as a master plant and to treat rheumatism.

CHIRICSANANGO (Macerated root in water)
Physical effects: Initial sensation of intense cold, chills ("Chiri-Chiri" in Quechua language, hence the name of the plan) then heat and dizziness. Weakness and pain. Tingling lips and extremities.
Psychic Effects: Very strong dreams that reveal our concerns and fears. It takes out fears, affective coldness, and shyness.
Teaching: Increase self-confidence, loss of fear.
Traditional Use: Rheumatism, "to throw away cold and fear".

CHUCHUWASHA (bark decoction)
Physical effects: Physical discomfort, diffuse pain and correction of bad positions. Major effect on the musculoskeletal system.
Psychic Effects: Increased strength, vigor.
Teaching: Straightening, corrects and teaches righteousness. Restitutes the "center". It tones.
Traditional use: (Macerated in brandy or decoction). Tonic, antianemic, for rheumatism. Also against sterility.

UCHUSANANGO (aqueous extract of the root)
Physical effects: Heat, dizziness, weakness, vomiting and occasional diarrhea. Very marked physical effects. Sexual excitation.
Psychic Effects: It tones, affirms will, correction of errors, making specific plans for the future. Feeling of eliminating negative thoughts (purification by fire), irritability. Awakening of the libido.
Teaching: Righteousness of acts, making decisions, especially in concrete terms, how to be more executive, more rigorous.
Traditional Use: To treat rheumatism

USHPAWASHASANANGO (root decoction)
Physical Effects: Somnolence, slight dizziness.
Psychic Effects: Increased dream and mnesic activity. Extended perception of nature, hypersensitivity. Affective release.
Teaching: Metabolization of memories of emotional importance. Catharsis and emotional balance. This plant is called the "memory of the heart".
Traditional Use: Rheumatism

TOBACCO (aqueous extract of the leaves)
Physical Effects: Headache, dizziness, insomnia. It facilitates the removal of secretions from the respiratory system.
Psychic Effects: Feelings of elimination of drug consumption memories (associated with the consumption of tobacco), then clearer and more ordered thoughts. It fortifies. It is striking the fact of having frequent dreams with air elements, a flight sensation, speed and lightness.
Teaching: Rebalance and order at a mental level. It protects. If taken as a complement, it enhances the effect of other plants.
Traditional Use: "Fumaza" (protection against poisonous animals). The "curious" people also use it to "icarar": for the scare, as a tranquilizer. Widely used in the initiatory formation of healers (shamans).