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Ayahuasca and psychedelic science

An article in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador reports how the effects of the Ayahuasca brew have shown to be promising for the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and chemical dependence.
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Developments in harminepharmacology - implications for ayahuasca use and drug-dependence treatment

This article published in the international journal "Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry" mentions the treatment protocol at the Takiwasi Center as an example. The hypothesis of the article is to demonstrate the therapeutic potential of beta-carbolines and ayahuasca for the treatment of addictions.

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The treatment protocol developed at the Takiwasi Center is a clear example to support this hypothesis and is therefore taken into account in this article. This is the first time a scientific peer review journal specializing in neuropharmacology mentions the work being done at the Takiwasi Center. A landmark for our institution. Here you can find the abstract of the publication..

Takiwasi Laboratory awarded for "Fair and Equitable Distribution" by the Andean Biotrade Project of Peru

During the closing event of the Andean Biotrade Project of Peru, which was held in Lima on December 16, 2014, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) and the President of Promperú Board of Directors, Magali Silva Velarde-Álvarez, highlighted the Laboratory Takiwasi among the success cases.

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The Andean Biotrade Project of Peru began in 2011 with the purpose of contributing to the sustainable trade of goods and services derived from national biodiversity, seeking a fair and equitable distribution of benefits among all actors involved. The program involved 15 regions and 65 initiatives could be identified.

Among the many initiatives, was highlighted the work of the Takiwasi Laboratory in the San Martin region. Dedicated to developing medicinal products from native plants, Takiwasi has been awarded in the category "Fair and Equitable Distribution." Here you can find the complete press release issued in Spanish by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur)..

Takiwasi Laboratory example of Sustainable Business Model

To celebrate the 20 years of the BioTrade initiative, the United Nations published an important document presenting the results achieved, which compiles the most interesting initiatives in this sector, developed in several countries including Peru, Colombia, Vietnam and Brazil.

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We are pleased to see that Takiwasi has also been mentioned in this important publication as an example of organization dedicated to BioTrade. In section 2.4, page 30 of this document, you can find an article on the work carried out by the Takiwasi Laboratory in conjunction with the indigenous producers' organization Ampik Sacha, a project that want to rescue and promote ancestral knowledge as a basis for a sustainable business model. Here you can download the full publication..