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Since its beginnings, the Takiwasi Center has promoted scientific research on its therapeutic protocol for the treatment of addictions, whose originality and efficacy has interested researchers in Anthropology, Ethnology, Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry. To the date the treatment model has been the object of study of more than 40 pre and postgraduate dissertations supported by universities in different countries.

This growing interest of the scientific community is the reflection of a global process, observed for some decades, of approach and opening of the western culture towards concepts and methodologies on health issues coming from different Traditional Medicines around the world. In this context it is of fundamental importance to have rigorous and reliable information that can be useful to those who work and make decisions in the field of health and public policies. More information is available on the official WHO website.

Scientific research has the fundamental role of generating such information. In order to guarantee accuracy and quality, we consider that collaboration with scientific and academic institutions specialized in the fields of mental health, addictions and neurosciences is the key factor.