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Adverse Effects of the Diet

If the inherent norms of the Diet are respected, there will be no adverse effects; these will present only when there is a transgression. Breaking the strict norms that rule the Diet is called "cruzar la Dieta", and the implications can be grave. A correction in an energetic level will be necessary as soon as possible.

The severity of the symptoms will depend on the plant that was ingested and the magnitude of the transgression, which could be even involuntary. The adverse effect generally manifests as an exacerbation of the symptom that the person wanted to correct or of an undesired personal characteristic, and may include physical discomfort, diarrhea and vomits, fainting, heat stroke, headache, chills, nervousness, drowsiness or insomnia, nightmares, irritability, aggression, fear, dermatological problems and even more severe pictures at a psychological and neurological level.

Although the ingestion of sweet, even in minimum quantities cuts or blocks the effect of the plant and weakens the person that made the Diet, strong odors (perfumes, chemicals) or sexual intercourse affect in a much more negative way, causing symptoms at a central level such as headache and dizziness in the best cases, and states of mental confusion and paranoid ideation in others.

Conditions to participate in a Diet in TAKIWASI


  • Initial contact with Takiwasi through a therapist, with whom the applicant will exchange his motivations to participate in a Diet, and an evaluation to assess his physical and psychological conditions, through medical records and other instruments.
  • If everything is OK the applicant will be notified he has been approved to participate in the Diet.


  • The Diet always starts on a Thursday with the ingestion of a vomitive-depurative plant, in the evening, starting at 3:30 pm on the TAKIWASI Center. For people that come from other places, they should be in Tarapoto no later than that Thursday at noon. The ingestion of the vomitive-depurative plant is an indispensable requisite to participate in the Diet.
  • Friday at 3 pm we proceed to the botanical reserve of Takiwasi. Everybody is accommodated in their own hut or cabin ("tambo"), and then, at night, the ayahuasca session takes place
  • On Saturday everybody is in their own hut and the Diet starts with the ingestion of the chosen plant for each one of the participants.
  • Next Saturday in the afternoon the Diet is cut, with an onion, salt and lemon salad. Afterwards a chicken soup with vegetables is taken, and the same the next day, for breakfast, before going back to the Takiwasi Center.

Considerations to be taken into account
  • We recommend you to arrive to Takiwasi no later than the previous Thursday before the Diet, and to foresee your return for two or three days after the cut of the Diet.
  • After one gets the approval to participate, the Diet program in Takiwasi consists of the ingestion of a vomitive-purgative plant, an ayahuasca session, the isolation period (the diet itself), and two psychotherapeutic sessions with a therapist, one at the beginning and other in the end to make a balance of all the process.
  • It is important to commit to the post-diet period, in which there are some restrictions such as sweet or sugar, alcoholic drinks, peppers, sexual relationships, and others that will be indicated.
  • The price does not include accommodation and food in the days that you are out of the Diet (the isolation period).