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Documents of Interest

The documentation available in the following list gathers texts that have not been produced inside the Takiwasi Center, but due to their thematic and content, they are very related to the research that is developed within the Center.

Further documents of interest can be found on the following websites:

  • CISEI, Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality - Chapter Argentina.
  • Natura y Psique, non-profit cultural association whose activities are directed to the recovery of the deep soul through animistic participation to Nature.
  • Asociación GASS , to recover, with freedom, all that has been useful and important for the health care and the environment through science, art and human spirituality.
  • NEIP , Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies, to promote joint reflection on the topic.
  • Amerindia, Catholic network of religious persons with an ecumenical spirit and open to dialogue and interreligious cooperation with other institutions.
  • Prodiversitas Colombia , NGO committed to the defense and ecological interconnection of biological, social and cultural diversity.
  • Revista Cultura y Droga, presents scientific articles and information on research and experiences concerning the cultural applications of entheogens and other psychoactive substances.
  • El Orejiverde , newspaper of the indigenous peoples, Argentina.
  • Periódico Pukara , culture, society and politics of the original peoples, Bolivia.
  • Revista Peripheria, projects of art and culture for sustainability, Peru.
  • Visión Chamánica, magazine on health and shamanism, Colombia.
  • Amazônia Real, pethical and investigative journalism, dedicated to the issues of the Amazon.